The land of doublethink: the base of the North-Korean political system

A country, where the portrayal of the debauched imperialist West and Mickey Mouse performing in Pyongyang can easily coexist. A country which runs a nuclear program and tests intercontinental ballistic missiles, while millions of people are on the verge of starving. A country, which operates the world’s most repressive political system, while it takes the […]


In the wake of the Mali conflict II.

While the aim of the first article on the Mali question was to explain the outbreak of the conflict, this second part sets the task of analyzing the consequences of the period since the French military intervention and tries to draw the possible scenarios for the future. What are the results of the intervention in […]


This time it’s different: The 2014 European Parliamentary Elections

The 2014 European elections are almost here. Being the second biggest democratic exercise in the world, 400 million people can vote for a new European Parliament. By electing 715 Members of the EP to represent their interests in the next five years, voters are given the chance to influence the future of the European Union’s […]


Shale Gas Revolution in the United States

You would not have thought a couple of years ago that the United States would surpass Russia as the world’s leading natural gas producer and would become a top energy producer would you? I guess most of us did not see that coming. Beside clear economic advantages, with the growth of energy production the U.S. […]


In the wake of the Mali conflict

  Another chapter of the war on terror? A conflict of nationbuilding and statebulding? Or a strange combination of both? Hungarian and international audience following foreign affairs probably got acquainted with the Mali question in 2013, after the beginning of the French military intervention.  The situation, which can be observed in the Western African country, […]


Through a Scanner Darkly

The 2014 Winter Olympics In Russia proved to be the great success the hosts had hoped for, despite a serious barrage of negativity from the whole spectrum of Western media. Or, alternatively, the events in Sochi, littered with blunders, provided evidence for Russia’s inclination for power abuse and its utter incompetence. As a journalist, your […]